Lies You’ve Been Told About Collectible Steiff Teddy Bears

steiff-collectible-teddy-bearsAs a collector, newbie or seasoned, you get told things here and there. Of course, it’s you job to screen out the lies and only bring with you the hard facts. Myths and misconceptions abound for one main reason and that is misinformation. To battle it out, you need not only do your research but you must also be wary enough of the enemies that lie ahead. That said take a look at the following lies we’ve been told about collectible Steiff teddy bears.

  1. They’re only for the uber rich.

You don’t need to have a six digit salary to be able to own one. With enough diligence, you can actually save enough for one easily. Some of these collectibles can be bought for less than a thousand dollars of course depending on factors like age, rarity and condition. Sure some may be pricey to the point of crazy but you don’t necessarily have to shell out thousands of dollars to get your collection started.

  1. You’ll only score one in an auction.

Years ago this may be the only popular option but with the advent of the digital age, these collectibles are also traded across various platforms like online shops and listings. If you’re lucky and patient enough, you might even spot one at an antique store. If you’ve got destiny only our side on the other hand, you can spot one at a garage sale or a flea market. The chances may be fairly low but it’s not impossible.

  1. They’re old and vintage pieces.

A good majority of them are but definitely not all. Some collectible pieces are newly manufactured and released. They are special edition models manufactured in a limited quantity which often take a particular theme. A few examples would be the Steiff Diamond Eyes bear, the Louis Vuitton Steiff bear, the Queen Elizabeth II bear and the Karl Lagerfeld bear.

  1. You need to have a huge house to display them well.

Not necessarily although that would be awesome. Who doesn’t want a spacious house to fill with memories and knickknacks right? But you don’t need a mansion to become a collector. With smart planning and the use of systematic storage units, you can make do with whatever available space you have to display your precious teddy bears.

Have you been told these lies about collectible Steiff teddy bears too? What did you do?