Steiff Bears and Other Cute Presents for Your Sister

steiff giftSisters refer to a broad set of women who hold a special place in our hearts. It’s not a word solely dedicated to a sibling but also to a friend who embodies the definition of family, a sister from another mister as today’s youth calls it. If you’re here looking for gift ideas to give them, we’ve got you covered from Steiff bears to matching jewelry to thoughtful knickknacks. Take a look at this list.

  • Matching Necklaces

Accessories are a classic and if you want it all the more sentimental and memorable then get them by the pair. You can swap this for bracelets instead if they’re not the neck bauble type. For added flair, you can even get them engraved.

  • A Pretty Journal

Journals, planners and doodling in general have seen a wide resurgence today so why not help them hop into it? It can bring out the artistic side of them plus help them jot down memories or even help them organize their day. Add a fancy fountain pen if your budget allows it or even some brushes and a pan of watercolor.

  • Classic Wristwatch

If there’s an accessory that never goes out of style and fits any occasion then that would be the wristwatch. They’re pretty versatile and quite the functional and fashionable piece at the same time.

  • A Favorite Lippie

Women in general love a good beauty product so you might as well shop a nice lipstick shade for them. Get one that they love or buy something they may have not tried yet. You can even level this up and gift them with an entire basket of beauty goodies.

  • Memory Scrapbook

It may sound cheesy but thoughtful presents like a scrapbook that highlights your time spent together will always be one for the books. What makes this a cool present is that it’s made from the heart.

  • Baked Treats

Speaking of presents from the heart, how about some cakes or cupcakes? Cookies perhaps? Everyone loves food and the fact that you made them makes this present extra special.

  • Steiff Bears

There are days when we want our sisters to feel our love and warmth. But reality and “adulting” doesn’t make this possible all the time so in times when you can’t be physically present, there’s a Steiff bear for them to cuddle and hug.