Steiff Teddy Bears and Why They Make the Perfect Present

steiff bearsGifting is a whole lot of fun both for the giver and the recipient. Also, it can be particularly tricky given that people like many things and the search for a truly versatile present can be a lot of work. Well, not if we are talking about Steiff teddy bears.

The over a century year old brand has proven time and time again why it has been named the best in terms of stuffed toys. With more experience than any other plush toy company in the market, it’s no longer a surprise why Steiff’s teddies have got it all. But just in case you’ve been living under a rock or you’ve just been minted into the teddy bear realm, here are a few of the hundred and one reasons why they’d make the perfect present all year round.

  1. They’re cute and adorable. These plush toys have been known to melt hearts, young and old alike. It’s hard to see one without at least cuddling it because they’re that good and soft and huggable! Need we add more adjectives?
  2. They’re good for you. Steiff teddy bears are more than just a toy. Studies show that stuffed animals help toddlers develop motor skills and introduce them to the basic senses. They are also utilized for mental health as they show benefits in helping ease negative emotions, trauma, fear and anxiety for both children and adults.
  3. You’ll never run out of options. The brand curated a number of designs all year round and for over a century at that. There’s bound to be something for you in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs and even price and exclusivity. Steiff happens to churn out limited edition pieces and not to mention height coveted vintage items are traded in the market too, often at auctions.
  4. They’re extremely valuable. We don’t mean just figuratively, we’re downright literal here. Limited edition and vintage pieces can pack quite the amount from a few thousand dollars to millions. And no, we’re not even kidding. Don’t have that much? No worries because quality toys still await you with their regularly released mass-produced designs. There’s always something for everyone.
  5. They last at least a lifetime. Steiff teddy bears are extremely durable. The quality by which they are made is extreme by industry standards so you know you get good value for your money for years on end. Find out more at

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