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5 Adjectives that Describe Collectible Teddy Bears

Louis-Vuitton-Steiff-Teddy-BearToys are fun and endearing which is why collectible teddy bears have become a thing over the years. You’d be surprised that a lot of people will fight over, at least in auctions, for these pieces. Why? Allow these five adjectives to enlighten you.


When you hear the word collectible, what first comes to mind? For most of us, it’s the value of exclusivity. It’s no question that in order for something to be deemed collectible, it must be either rare or unique and in some cases it can be both. These toys come in small numbers (e.g. Diamond Eyed Teddy Bear) with others even being deemed a “one and only” piece (e.g. Teddy Girl and Steiff Louis Vuitton Bear).


Many, but not all, collectible teddy bears are antique or vintage finds. These are those that have stood the test of time and lived for more than at least one lifetime or several decades. What makes them truly interesting is that they hold stories and bits of history neatly tucked in within every fur and button which brings us to our next adjective.


These toys are truly interesting because they hold a story in them. More than your average toy, they come with rich and lavish tales which further heightens their collectible value. For instance, a toy’s previous owners can make it a certified collector’s item (e.g. Steiff Alonzo previously owned by Princess Xenia of Russia in 1989). Some are made for special people in society and history (e.g. Queen Elizabeth II Bear) while others were manufactured to commemorate certain events in time (e.g. Black Mourning Bear for the tragic sinking of the Titanic in 1912).


Without a shadow of a doubt, these toys are beyond ordinary and we don’t only refer to their stories, uniqueness, rarity and quality. These pieces are so valuable that some of them can reach up to thousands of dollars apiece. The most coveted ones can easily strike five to six digits in auctions. As a matter of fact, the most expensive collectible toy to date was one sold in a 2000 Monaco auction that fetched $2.1 million. It was a classic Steiff bear decked in an all out Louis Vuitton ensemble from head to toe.


Last but definitely not the least collectible teddy bears have a sense of charm and endearment to them. We can help but be drawn and fall for these cuddly wonders. There’s just undeniable magic there.

Steiff Bears and Other Cute Presents for Your Sister

steiff giftSisters refer to a broad set of women who hold a special place in our hearts. It’s not a word solely dedicated to a sibling but also to a friend who embodies the definition of family, a sister from another mister as today’s youth calls it. If you’re here looking for gift ideas to give them, we’ve got you covered from Steiff bears to matching jewelry to thoughtful knickknacks. Take a look at this list.

  • Matching Necklaces

Accessories are a classic and if you want it all the more sentimental and memorable then get them by the pair. You can swap this for bracelets instead if they’re not the neck bauble type. For added flair, you can even get them engraved.

  • A Pretty Journal

Journals, planners and doodling in general have seen a wide resurgence today so why not help them hop into it? It can bring out the artistic side of them plus help them jot down memories or even help them organize their day. Add a fancy fountain pen if your budget allows it or even some brushes and a pan of watercolor.

  • Classic Wristwatch

If there’s an accessory that never goes out of style and fits any occasion then that would be the wristwatch. They’re pretty versatile and quite the functional and fashionable piece at the same time.

  • A Favorite Lippie

Women in general love a good beauty product so you might as well shop a nice lipstick shade for them. Get one that they love or buy something they may have not tried yet. You can even level this up and gift them with an entire basket of beauty goodies.

  • Memory Scrapbook

It may sound cheesy but thoughtful presents like a scrapbook that highlights your time spent together will always be one for the books. What makes this a cool present is that it’s made from the heart.

  • Baked Treats

Speaking of presents from the heart, how about some cakes or cupcakes? Cookies perhaps? Everyone loves food and the fact that you made them makes this present extra special.

  • Steiff Bears

There are days when we want our sisters to feel our love and warmth. But reality and “adulting” doesn’t make this possible all the time so in times when you can’t be physically present, there’s a Steiff bear for them to cuddle and hug.


Should You Buy Teddy Bears Online?

shopping-cart-bearOnline shopping has seen a sudden boom over the last couple of years and the numbers are only getting higher. With technology on the rise and the demand for convenience, more and more companies have offered sales of their goods through cyberspace and that includes toys. But the question is: should you buy teddy bears online? What’s in it that’s not available the traditional way?

  • Yes, because all it takes is a tap of a button.

Okay perhaps a few swipes and scrolls too. It constitutes a lot of ease. No more having to get stuck in traffic or waiting over long queues at the counter. Black Friday or Christmas? No need to battle and writhe yourself amongst the crazy shoppers and the baskets or carts they haul around the store’s aisles. You can be lying down in bed with the comfiest of pajamas and get to shop!

  • Yes, because you get to purchase from anywhere.

Sometimes, there’s a toy you’d like to get your hands on but it’s not available anywhere near you. There’s no need to mourn because you can buy from anyone anywhere around the globe.

  • Yes, because nobody has enough time to shop around.

There are days when you’re just too busy to get your butt to the mall. Other times, you completely space out and forget to buy your niece a present for her birthday. Don’t panic! You can go over to the internet and have the toy delivered right away. You can be on your bus on the way home or in your office cubicle and get the job done.

  • Yes, because it’s easier to canvass online.

We all want to get the best bang for our buck and so we tend to look around and compare prices. Imagine the work it entails to hop from one store to another just to canvass. It’s easier to do it online, again, with a few clicks of a button.

  • Yes, because they’re convenient.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to convenience. This is the very charm of online shopping. You get to buy teddy bears online without all the hassle and inconvenience that would otherwise befall you. You get to miss the traffic, the long queues, the crazy shoppers and all that. Doesn’t it sound so inviting? It is so we won’t blame you if you head over and start your shopping stat!

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Crimes Against Toy Shopping

choking-hazardToy shopping, just like other forms of shopping, has its own crimes that need busting. Worry not because we’ll help prevent you from getting into toy jail. We’ve got your back!

You see, consumers need to be smart but then again sometimes we all blank out and our brains get soppy. Stress or not, we have to be smart when it comes to buying things and that includes toys. This is especially true if the purchase was intended for a kid or a toddler. Now that would need a heaping more amount of caution.

To better avoid committing crimes, it’s best to know what they are so behold the various offenses when it comes to buying toys.

Offence #1: Age Inappropriate – One of the most common mistakes people do when shopping for toys is getting items that are not appropriate for the recipient’s age. Remember that there is no one size fits all item. Always bear in mind the size and weight of the piece for safety reasons. What may be enjoyable for a ten year old can be deadly to a 2 year old.

Offence #2: Toxic Materials – Never buy an item that contains potentially harmful chemicals and substances. Lead in certain paint is particularly harmful so always inspect the labels and tags of every item.

Offence #3: Choking Hazard – Kids tend to put things in their mouths which is why toys that present choking hazards must be avoided at all costs. This includes small parts or pieces that can easily fit into the mouth, accessories that are easily removable like beads and buttons as well as those that may be bitten off.

Offence #4: Sharp Edges – Items that come with sharp corners, blunt edges and similar other hazards must be avoided by all means. They are likely to cause injury such as scratches or worse stab wounds and even poke at the kid’s eye.

Offence #5: Strangle Danger – As a rule of thumb, avoid items with ribbons, twines or threads that are more than six inches in length. This is because they pose threats of strangulation. Should they be present, say in the form of a bow, it must not be easily untangled and removed.

When buying toys, it is always best to lean on the side of safety. Playtime should be fun not hazardous and worrying. Prevention is still the best strategy, which is why you have to avoid the said crimes at all times.