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Crimes Against Toy Shopping

choking-hazardToy shopping, just like other forms of shopping, has its own crimes that need busting. Worry not because we’ll help prevent you from getting into toy jail. We’ve got your back!

You see, consumers need to be smart but then again sometimes we all blank out and our brains get soppy. Stress or not, we have to be smart when it comes to buying things and that includes toys. This is especially true if the purchase was intended for a kid or a toddler. Now that would need a heaping more amount of caution.

To better avoid committing crimes, it’s best to know what they are so behold the various offenses when it comes to buying toys.

Offence #1: Age Inappropriate – One of the most common mistakes people do when shopping for toys is getting items that are not appropriate for the recipient’s age. Remember that there is no one size fits all item. Always bear in mind the size and weight of the piece for safety reasons. What may be enjoyable for a ten year old can be deadly to a 2 year old.

Offence #2: Toxic Materials – Never buy an item that contains potentially harmful chemicals and substances. Lead in certain paint is particularly harmful so always inspect the labels and tags of every item.

Offence #3: Choking Hazard – Kids tend to put things in their mouths which is why toys that present choking hazards must be avoided at all costs. This includes small parts or pieces that can easily fit into the mouth, accessories that are easily removable like beads and buttons as well as those that may be bitten off.

Offence #4: Sharp Edges – Items that come with sharp corners, blunt edges and similar other hazards must be avoided by all means. They are likely to cause injury such as scratches or worse stab wounds and even poke at the kid’s eye.

Offence #5: Strangle Danger – As a rule of thumb, avoid items with ribbons, twines or threads that are more than six inches in length. This is because they pose threats of strangulation. Should they be present, say in the form of a bow, it must not be easily untangled and removed.

When buying toys, it is always best to lean on the side of safety. Playtime should be fun not hazardous and worrying. Prevention is still the best strategy, which is why you have to avoid the said crimes at all times.